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The Dad Mode Podcast is a renegade hoard of highly-trained & skilled horse archers. Very similar to those of the steppe tribes of central Asia, mostly notably the Mongols under the Great Khans. But we need capital to keep the hoard supplied and able to keep slinging the arrows of common sense parenting at the PC establishment. Here’s how you can help!



This is the easiest way to support the Dad Mode Podcast. Just get to Amazon via our REFERRAL LINK (or the banner ad above) which takes you right to the Amazon homepage, bookmark it, and click on it whenever you need to order something from the good folks at Amazon!

You were gonna order the crap anyways, why not set it up so your new favorite podcast gets a little taste?


Buck a Show

Do you think our shows are worth the price of a bag of vending machine Doritos? We’ll we’d LOVE to have it. (To probably go buy Doritos…)

You can setup your “Buck a Show” donation via PayPal!

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Anything you can do to help Dad Mode keep Dadding, we would love and appreciate!





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