Episode 8: Kids & Religion with Pastor Christopher Miller

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Pastor Christopher Miller (@Miller_Simul) of Bethany Lutheran Church in Big Fork, Montana joins the show to talk about kids’ relationship with Christian faith as well as the parents’ role in religion. I also ask if I’m a bad Christian since I’m a self-described “cherry picker”.

Items Covered Include:
• Old vs New Traditions
• Today’s Blurred Lines of Denominations
• Parents’ Role in Raising Faith Based Children
• Do You Let Your Children Choose Their Religion?
• Explaining Differences in Religions
• Kids & Faith Are Like Wet Cement…
• Am I a Bad Christian?
• Sunday School
• Most Common Concern Parents Bring Up About Faith
• Toughest Part About Being a Parent & Pastor
• I Explain My “Salad Bar” Theory on Religion
• Why “Religion is Like Money”…
• Minnesota Vikings Commiserating

Be a Man. Be a Father. Go #DadMode.

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Listen to the Episode Below (55:19)

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