Episode 7 – Hitting & Biting with Nick Houser

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Writer/Editor Nick Houser (@Nick_Houser) – no relation to Dougie Howser MD – joins us to talk about raising a 2-year old son going through a hitting/biting phase and other fatherhood topics.

Items Covered Include:
• The debate around having multiple children
• When social media is a danger for kids & parents
• Parents in sports. The good & the bad
• When kids hit & bite. What to do/try to correct?
• Phases of young kids
• Adult Ice Cream Trucks in Mexico…
• “Don’t let kids dictate your life”
• Dad Mode Word Association
• Advice: Do You

Check out Nick’s blog (poppahouser.wordpress.com) as well as his work at Bleacher Report and Hardly Serious.

Be a Man. Be a Father. Go #DadMode.

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Listen to the Episode Below (34:22)

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