Episode 35: The 27 Types of Parents That Annoy Me Already

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I’ve only been a parent for three months, but I’ve already found numerous types of parents that annoy the bejesus out of me already. I list them off to Uncle Nick (@nickasun).

The 27 Types of Parents That Annoy Me Already
1) Facebook Brag Parents (I have been guilty)
2) PTA President Mom
3) Drive Across the Parking Lot Mom
4) The Strollers Allow You to Drive Like a Tank Parents
5) Every Conversation Starts with Talking About Your Kids Sports Teams Dad
6) The Know It All Blogger Parent
7) Don’t Reign In Your Kids at the Store Parent
8) The Gluten Organic Free-Range Mom
9) The Coach Not Coach Dads
10) Have Social Media Accounts for Kids Already Parent
11) The “Nothing Is My Kid’s Fault Ever” Parent
12) Junior Doesn’t Like Broccoli Mom
13) The Stick Figure Family on Car Parents
14) Gamer Dads
15) The What Can You Do? Parents
16) The 300-lb My Kids Are My Life Parents
17) The Overtly Non-Racist Parent
18) Parents Who Swear In Front of Young Kids
19) Dead Beat Dads
20) The Fishing For Facebook Compliments Mom
21) Dads Who Wear Backwards Hats
22) Parents With Fat Kids Who Don’t Set Good Examples and Complain That Their Kid is Fat
23) Mom on Food Stamps Who Still Buys a Carton of Marlboros
24) Octomom
25) Chicken Finger Kids Parents
26) Parents Who Want to be Their Kids’ Best Friend
27) Suburban Soccer Mom

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