Episode 32: Narcissistic YouTube Parents Are The Worst

Parents who exploit their kids on YouTube for self-absorbed reasons, views, or monetary gain are the worst. How often have you seen a “viral” video of a kid crying over their sports team losing? In the parent’s rush to narcissism, they don’t stop to think about what long-term affects this could have on their kid as they grow up, become an adult, and are still known as the “Crying over Steve Smith leaving the Panthers Girl”. BUT WE GOT A MILLION YOUTUBE VIEWS!

Sam & Nia Rader are the worst of the worst. I spend most of the episode complaining about them. Uncle Nick (@nickasun) tries to talk me off the ledge. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Be a Man. Be a Father. Go #DadMode.

An Andy Carlson Joint.


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Be a Man. Be a Father. Go Dad Mode. | I’m a first time dad and have no idea what I’m doing. Fortunately, no one does, so we’re all in this together. Let’s chat. | It’s more difficult than ever to raise normal, level-headed children in this politically correct, everyone gets a trophy, “if you serve my child high fructose corn syrup I’ll sue your ass” society. Our goal should be to raise humble and hardworking individuals instead of the self-entitled princess or douche bags that our culture has been churning out recently. On Dad Mode, we’ll discuss the ways we might achieve said goal and the roadblocks that will be in our way.

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