Discussing the Famous “13 Things Parents Can Do to Set Their Children Up for Success” (Rebroadcast)


We all want the best for our kids and there are universal things that all parents can do to set their kids up to kick ass in this world. Uncle Nick (@nickasun) joins me to run through the famous/viral “13 Things Parents Can Do to Set Their Children Up for Success” and pick through what is legit and what is bullsh*t.

The 13 Things Parents Can Do Are:
1. They make their kids do chores
2. They teach their kids social skills
3. They have high expectations
4. They have healthy relationships with each other
5. They’ve attained higher educational levels
6. They teach their kids math early on
7. They develop a relationship with their kids
8. They’re less stressed
9. They value effort over avoiding failure
10. The moms work
11. They have a higher socioeconomic status
12: They are ‘authoritative’ rather than ‘authoritarian’ or ‘permissive’
13: They teach ‘grit’
(Courtesy of Tech Insider)

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